Shape Smart began in 1999 with one client who proceeded to drop more than 50 pounds and went from a size 20 to a size 8 in the course of one year.  Word of this success story spread and led to many more.  Many of the success stories have recurring themes: an improved fitness level that has prevented injury or shortened recovery time; an increased flexibility that has led to dramatic improvements in athletic performance.

 More recently, breast cancer survivors who have come to us through the Pink Ribbon Program have reported feeling decreased depression, increased self-confidence, and improved overall strength and mobility.  Other benefits of regular exercise include better sleep, alleviated fatigue, and controlled weight.  Most importantly, exercise enhances physical and emotional well-being and improves energy levels.

 In 2010 we gave our clients what they were asking for total wellness programs!   Our service menu expanded to include skin health, body therapy, massage therapy, woman wellness programs, healthy living seminars and services.  By staying current in the health and wellness field through seminars and courses—while seeking new products and techniques to benefit our clients—we plan to continue our growth while offering the same quality, one-on-one services.
                                   About  Me - Christal Wentzel
Christal Wentzel has 15 years of experience in the fitness industry.  Her fitness philosophy of Kaizen, or continuous improvement, doubles as her business philosophy.  “Our staff are constantly looking for new ways to serve our clients, attending seminars and earning certifications to discover the very latest in the health and wellness fields,” Christal says.

Her certifications include Powerhouse Pilates Mat I and Mat II; Pilates Group and Apparatus; PHi Pilates Personal Training; and Personal and Group Gravity Training. Christal is also a Certified Peak Pilates MVe Fitness Chair Coach, M’lis Wellness Coach, and skin health training from Dermalogica and IDI..
About Me - Christine Sullivan
Christine Sullivan brings 25 years of fitness training experience to Shape Smart.  She is AFAA certified in Group Exercise and Personal Training as well as Aquatics, Spinning, and Body Sculpt Step.  Her other certifications include Senior Fitness, Teen Fitness, and she is a Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist through the Pink Ribbon Program.

“People can usually accomplish a lot more than they think they’ll be able to,” Christine says.  “It’s all in the person’s attitude.  As a trainer, my job is to motivate my clients to exceed their own expectations while adapting each workout to their individual capabilities.”