Shape Smart appreciates and respects all our visitors. Please abide by the courtesies extended to our guests and staff.

Please turn cell phone volume to low

Cell phone use only in emergencies

Please respect the values and political views of guests; do not engage others on touchy subjects.

If you are late for your appointment we will do our best to accommodate but we will not infringe on the time of other guest's appointment

Our cancellation policy is 24 hour notice or full service price is charged

Policy on standing appointments-- three consecutive canceled appointments results in forfeiture of your appointment time, unless prior arrangements have been made

Multi-service appointments, Group Spa Parties,  Any Service Appointment $100 or more are required to supply a credit card at booking to hold requested time. 

Multi-Service Appointments, Spa Parties, Any On Your Site Appointments are subjuect to a 36 hour cancellation policy.  A 30% Cancellation Fee is charged to credit card if cancellation policy is not followed.

Please be aware when other guests are receiving spa services that they are in a relaxing atmosphere