"I have trained with Christal of Shape Smart for over ten years. She has guided me on my 65 pound weightloss.  As a 69 year old woman with musculoskeletal problems there is no one trust more to modify without diminishing the benefit of the exercise.  She is with me every minute I am working out, tweaking and adjusting me so that I get thest benefit from my workout without injuring myself.  I feel wonderful after I work with her, both physically and psychologically.  She is, in my opinion, the best personal trainer available.  I would recommend her highly to anyone.” – Michele B.
“I was anemic and very lethargic for weeks after undergoing minor surgery.  My doctors recommended taking a B-vitamin, and I consulted with the professionals at Shape Smart.  After only two days of taking a daily multivitamin, my red blood cell count went up and I began to feel my typical energy levels return.” – Lora D.
“Though I wore a size 4 dress, I had heavier thighs and cellulite.  I cleansed my body of impurities with the M’lis Detoxification Program and lost 7 pounds.  I also experienced increased energy and the cellulite was nearly gone.  After undergoing the M’lis Body Contour Wrap, I lost 9” and have a flatter tummy than I’ve ever had.  These programs are wonderful, and the technicians at Shape Smart are experts at tailoring them to your individual needs.” – Caryn K.
“Shape Smart helped me lose those stubborn last five pounds while greatly improving my overall health.  Christal Wentzel, my outstanding personal trainer, suggested that I give the Detoxification Program a try.  After the detox, I not only lost those five pounds, but I achieved the elusive flat tummy, and the menstrual symptoms I had been experiencing—cramps, pre-menstrual syndrome, and bloating were alleviated.  In another instance, when the dressing to treat a dog bite was removed, I had no feeling in one of the fingers as well as severe tissue damage.  I used the M’lis Tissue Repair Cream at Shape Smart, and almost overnight I saw the tissue begin to repair itself and felt the finger’s sensation return.  I now have complete feeling in the finger and no visible evidence of the bite remains.” – Jen L.
“I have been with Christine Sullivan for over 15 years and she has guided me mentally, physically, and spiritually.  She has helped me through a battle with cancer, several ankle surgeries as a result of a birth deformity, and other health issues.  Working with Christine has helped keep me emotionally and physically well through my most trying times.” – Rita C.
I have been on thyroid medicine for years and was very unhappy; I wanted an alternative and begged my doctor for some ideas.  However, I was told that medication was the only choice.  Randi and Christal said they could help me with their new program, so I figured since I had nothing to lose, I would give it a try.  I am so glad I did because I actually did have something to lose—weight and inches.  I lost 20 pounds and 11 inches with the Detoxification program, wrap, and The M’lis Thyroid Endocrine Support supplement.  Now I no longer need my thyroid prescription. I have energy, feel good, and have a better outlook on my life.” – C. Klahr
“My sunless spray tan always looks natural and lasts up to 10 days; it never had the ‘orange’ look of self tanners.  When I tell people it’s not from the sun they cannot believe it.  I can have a healthy looking tan and none of the damaging effects of the sun.” – J. Ebersole