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July 2012


Fasting for 24 Hours Can Raise HDL (Good) Cholesterol Almost 6%.  
Periodic fasting servesametabolic purpose that frequent eating can disrupt.
Fasting also gives your body and its organs a break from producing enzymes to properly 
break down the foods that you eat. 
Researchers did a study with two groups; both were fed a diet high in fat.  One group could graze all day;  the other group's feedings were limited to an eight hour window.

Stress Management

Everyone has stress in their life. Some stress is good but prolonged stress can make you very 
sick!!  Below are some tips for stress management; follow them for a happy and healthy life 
                   Turn a negative into a positive
                    Exercise--releases endorphines
                    Relax--take 10-15 minutes in a quiet room close your eyes and