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January 2013

This weeks HIIT Session

My HIIT workout this week is going to focus on building stamina. My workout is going to consist of  JOG, SPRINT, RUN.  This can be modified to FAST WALK, EASY JOG, VIGOROUS WALK  or to your fitness level.  Just so your heart rate is elevated to 65-80% of your Maximum Heart Rate. Another way to monitor your heart rate is Rate of Perceived Exertion....follow this as a guide    
    1-3    -Can talk or hold a conversation (Casual Walk)

HIIT Training Workout

Seven days since my last post; getting back on track isn't as easy as I thought it would be.  I like doing the HIIT Workouts since they are only between 20-25 minutes but burn fat and calories!   I'm adding another round of HIIT Training.  Here is my workout  but you can choose any exercise you like just so you keep your heart rate between  70-80% maximum heart rate. 
                           Maximum heart rate formula

Back on Track

The holiday's are over  and  we all have overindulged.  No need to panick make it a point to return to your healthy living lifestyle.  We can help each other, offer ideas, support and have fun doing it.  I started my Mlis detox cleanse and feel better already.  I don't make New Year's resolutions; if I did I wouldn't follow through on them anyway.  I'm returning to living a healthy lifestyle and that includes adding HIIT-- High Intensity Interval Training--30 minutes of  cardiovascular training that kicks butt, shreds fat and sculpts & strengthens your entire being.  Follow my progress and share yours.  Have fun and enjoy.