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April 2014

Diet Drinks That Contain Aspartame Do Your Body Bad

Are you poisoning your body and don't know it?  If you drink or ingest anything containing Aspartame, used in many artificial sweeteners, you may be.  Let me explain the breakdown process.  Aspartame contains Methanol/wood alcohol a toxic poison. The absorption of methanol is sped up when free methanol is ingested. Free methanol turns to formaldehyde when heated above 86 degrees. Formaldehyde is a deadly neurotoxin that causes vision problems, causes birth defects, anxiety attacks, arthritis, asthma, chronic cough, chronic fatigue, depression, thinning hair, heart palpitations, joint pain and that is only a partial list.  A friend of mine constantly drank diet green tea, he walked around with a gallon in his hand.  One day he told me his arm was going numb, as well as a tingling sensation and dizziness.  I suggested very strongly that he stop drinking anything with artificial sweetener within 3 weeks all the symptoms stopped and he has not had a reoccurance since. He does not consume any artificial sweetener.  Many people may be having these reactions and do not know why.  If you are having these reactions stop consuming artificial sweetener to aid you on your pathway to wellness.